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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


I have seen people released from the pain and anguish of trauma. The process is different for each person. If you are looking for release from the pain of your trauma, there is hope for healing and change. I will walk the journey with you.

We seek a place to tell our stories when the pain and burden of trauma permeates our lives. Situations from the past--be they abuse; parental divorce or death; an accident or medical trauma; or incidents from battle--spill into the present moment.

Perhaps you experienced the slow, subtle trauma of childhood neglect, parental conflict or divorce.  As an adult you may live a life of underlying self-doubt, under-achievement or inability to relax. Or maybe you've been in an accident and the memory intrudes as anxiety every time you get in the car or drive a certain route.  Perhaps you were sexually molested as a child and you have never told anyone else or never told the full story. 

Depression; relationship problems; intrusive thoughts; flashbacks; underachievment; substance abuse or other addictive behaviors can all be results of a post-traumatic reaction.  Sometimes the worst part is not what happened to you, but what it makes you think about yourself:  thoughts like "I'm in danger"  "It's my fault.  I've done something wrong." or "I am powerless".

The goal of trauma work is not simply symptom managment, but healing, transformation and learning to live symptom-free.   Once the traumatic event(s) has been physiologically and cognitively reprocessed and reintegrated, a quiet realization grows that the feelings and thoughts that once dominated your life are no longer an issue. 

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